Classes at Core Therapy and Pilates

Physical Therapy

Offering private, one on one 60 minute PT Prime Sessions or 30 minute PT Tune Ups with a licensed Physical Therapist for Manual, Pilates and GYROTONIC® Based Physical Therapy services. Our 2 Physical Therapist have 40 years experience combined and look forward to helping you relieve your aches and pains.

Pilates & GYROTONIC® Exercise

Private Sessions

A personal training session is the most effective way to learn, practice and perfect performance. The instructor can devote undivided attention to your specific needs and develop a customized program that allows you to see and feel optimum results.


Duet sessions are for 2 people on multiple pieces of equipment. These sessions allow for plenty of individual assessment, guidance and monitoring.

Pilates Reformer/GYROTONIC® Group Classes

A small group Pilates Reformer or GYROTONIC® Tower class holds up to 4 clients. Your instructor will be able to offer modifications and variations during the class. We offer Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3 classes and you can pay by the class, buy a package of 10 classes or pay a monthly membership.

Once a week, Twice a week and Unlimited Monthly Membership options are available. The Level 1 class is for the person who has been given the OK by their therapist or by their personal Pilates or GYROTONIC® Instructor to join classes.

If you haven’t come out of a private setting or from the therapist and you would like to jump into a Level 1 class, you want to make sure that the language is familiar to you, the equipment is familiar to you and you don’t have too many restrictions that are gonna keep you from doing basic movements.

Level 2 class is gonna move a little bit faster than a Level 1 class. The choreography is going to be a little bit more complex but we’re still emphasizing all of the Level 1 stability requirements. We’re going to move it at a little quicker pace so so you should be familiar with all of the language, all of the exercises and mastered your Level 1 class.

You definitely don’t want to just jump into a Level 2 class, you want to make sure that you’ve at least tried one Level 1 class to know that you want something more. Our Level 3 classes are our most complex classes we offer and is for the non injured. The choreography is the most complex, the speed can be the fastest out of the three classes but it might vary within the hour.

The language needs to be a hundred percent familiar with you and you need to be very familiar with the equipment so that you can adjust your own settings at all times, so that the pace of the class can stay going. This is also the class that you want to make sure you’ve done a Level 1 and a Level 2 class before you jump into a Level 3 class..


GYROKINESIS® is the mat version of GYROTONIC® and is performed in a group setting on a mat on the floor or a stool. This class can be reproduced at home and you can purchase videos at

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