Covid-19 Studio Update. Boost Your Immune System at CORE Therapy & Pilates, In Studio or Virtually…

Boost Your Immune System at CORE Therapy & Pilates 

Hey everybody. I just want to give you a studio update. We are fully open and functioning for physical therapy, private personal training, and Pilates and GYROTONICⓇ classes.

For those that come into the studio is not an option, we are still offering virtual classes, private personal training, and telehealth sessions. We have zoom link classes that include pilates mat work, GYROKINESISⓇ, meditational movement, and many more.

If you're realizing you have been eating and drinking more than normal and it’s time to turn it around, get healthy, and boost your immune system.

Schedule your next appointment or sign up for a class; whether it’s virtual or in-studio.
If you're looking for something that fits easier into your schedule, we have an on-demand website called PILATES TO THRIVE (

On you will find a whole library of videos that will help you get moving. We have a free option of 10-minute videos and a monthly membership with up to 60-minute videos.

All right, thanks for watching and we hope to see you in the studio or via zoom… bye.

Call 512-215-4227 to tell us your story…

Stephen Dunn