backpacks for Back pain

Backpacks for Back Pain: Find the Perfect Fit for Your Comfort and Health

table of contents What type of backpack is best for your back?Are backpacks good for back pain?What is the best bag to avoid back pain?Can backpacks cause lower back pain?What backpacks are physical therapist-approved?How do you use a backpack for lower back pain? What is an ergonomic backpack?When choosing a backpack that is good for your

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Stephen Dunn with Dr Claire

Physical Therapist-Owned Clinic with One-on-One Care in Westlake Hills, Texas

table of contents Doctor/Physician-owned versus Physical Therapist-owned Physical Therapy ClinicOne-on-one physical therapy care at CORE Therapy & PilatesA day in the life at a busy PT clinic with multiple patients at onceWhat is the difference between a physical therapy assistant (PTA) and a technician or aide?Who makes the clinical decisions at a busy PT clinic,

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physiotherapy exercises lower back pain

Physiotherapy Exercises for Lower Back Pain

table of contents Should I rest or keep moving with back pain? What can a physiotherapist do for lower back pain? What are three therapeutic exercises for the back? Which exercise is best to relieve back pain? Does back pain go away with exercise?How do you get rid of back pain naturally? Should I rest or

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Dr Andy show us the right posture to avoid tech neck

Tech Neck Treatment

table of contents Does your neck hurt? What is tech neck caused by? Why do people have neck pain after using phones or laptops? Can tech neck be corrected? How do I get rid of my tech neck naturally? Does your neck hurt? Neck pain is one of the most common musculoskeletal alignments. Neck pain ranked fourth

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Dr. Claire Watkins, PT, DPT doing physical therapy treatment Austin Dry Needling

Austin Dry Needling – Core Therapy & Pilates in Westlake Hills

table of contents What is dry needling?How does dry needling work?What is dry needling used for?What are the risks and contraindications of dry needling? What is dry needling?Dry needling is a minimally invasive intervention that uses a thin needle of varying lengths, depending on the tissue that is being treated. For example, bigger muscles sometimes

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what is the cost of physical therapy

What Is the Cost of Physical Therapy?

table of contents Physical Therapy CostWhat is “In Network”?What is “Out of Network”?How much does physical therapy cost with Medicare?Does all insurance cover physical therapy? Who can a prospective patient speak to about physical therapy costs? Examples of injuries and how much physical therapy is needed?Final Thoughts Physical Therapy CostPhysical therapy costs can vary greatly depending

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Posture and headaches

Posture and headaches… Does poor posture contribute to headaches? How do I improve my posture?

table of contents These are the top six questions we get about posture and headaches.1. How does poor posture contribute to headaches? 2. What self-test can someone do to tell if their headaches are from poor posture?3. How can people improve their headaches caused by poor posture? 4. What exercises and stretches can people try

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GYROTONIC® in Austin – Gyrotonic in Westlake Hills, Texas

GYROTONIC® in Austin – GYROTONIC in Westlake Hills, Texas

table of contents What is Gyrotonic?What is a GYROKINESIS?Who can benefit the most from the GYROTONIC Equipment?Should I start with GYROKINESIS or GYROTONIC?Where can I do GYROTONIC exercise in Austin | Westlake Hills? Read my blog to learn about GYROTONIC in Austin – GYROTONIC in Westlake Hills, Texas.What is Gyrotonic?GYROTONIC ® is an exercise and movement system

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Pilates Reformer Austin – Pilates Reformer in Westlake Hills,

Pilates Reformer Austin – Pilates Reformer in Westlake Hills, Texas

table of contents What is Pilates?What is a Pilates Reformer?Who can benefit the most from the Pilates Reformer?Should I start with Pilates Mat or Pilates Reformer?Where can I do Pilates Reformer Classes in Austin | Westlake Hills? What is Pilates?Pilates is an exercise and movement system developed by Joseph H Pilates, originally from Germany. Mr.

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the paper challenge Thumbnail image 1

The Paper Challenge | CORE Therapy & Pilates | Cheryl Dunn-Kathy Trow, Pilates/Gyrotonic Instructors

table of contents Laughter leads to curiosityHow do you do the paper challenge?Why is it important?Call 512-215-4227 to address your balance issues in Austin | Westlake Hills. The Paper Challenge – A Fitness Challenge with Cheryl Dunn and Kathy Trow. Cheryl and Kathy are Certified Pilates and GYROTONIC®  Instructors attempting the Paper Challenge on their

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