Today, I just wanted to share some tips on how to wash your hands properly. Not everybody is nervous of the corona virus outbreak going on everywhere. If you go to the grocery stores, the hand sanitizers and the toilet papers are running out. And now, also face masks are running out. But then, I want to remind everyone that this is the moment wherein we should definitely be cautious.

There’s no need to be fearful, because we can still take preventative procedures to prevent the virus from spreading even further. According to W.H.O., the most effective way to prevent the spread of virus is washing your hand. W.H.O. said that you have to wash for at least 20 seconds. But how are you going to do that? So, that’s what we’re going to talk about today.

Best Hand Washing Tips: Reducing the Risk of Common Infections

1. It’s always more effective if you wash your hands with flushing water and soap rather than hand sanitizers. If you are able to choose flowing water definitely use that. That's way more effective than using hand sanitizers. But if you don't have another choice, that's good too. But fresh water or flowing water is very important.

2. After you rinse your wet hand, here comes the actual steps to make sure you clean your hands very thoroughly.

a. The first step is to wash along your palms. Just rub your palms together. Since we use our palms to touch everything every day.

b. Wash the back of your hands. It's very important, because sometimes we tend to ignore that we are also using the back of our hands to touch anything. It’s also like getting exposed to the air all day long. In fact, you might have accidentally touched the door or the wall with the back off your hands.

c. Clean up the space between your fingers. The spacing between your fingers is also very important because you are using your hands to grip different things and use different tools. You are putting things between your fingers, those space usually needs to be cleaned as well.

d. Make hooks off your hands. This is to help you clean the crease in your palms. This is also very important because we are gripping things every day. We need to deeply clean the palm areas. Make sure to clean your palmar crease.

e. Clean the web space along your thumb. We are using our thumbs all the time. Different gripping patterns almost always involve the thumb. It’s very important to clean that webs along your thumb.

f. After the thumb, clean the fingertips. Just stand those fingers up and wrap it around the opposite hand. That's the way to effectively clean those fingertips. We know that our nails also tend to get any contamination very easily because of the space and how the structure looks like. So, clean your fingertips this way.

g. Don’t forget to clean your wrist area. Remember that most of us usually wear a watch, the watch would usually cover part of your skin which can also be an area that is often neglected of cleaning. Make sure to definitely clean your wrist area.

3. After washing your hands thoroughly, remember to also rinse off all the bubbles or the soap. Remember to still use fresh flowing water rather than hand sanitizers.

4. And last but not the least, definitely remember to dry your hands after rinsing off

That completes the series of washing your hands. Make sure to also watch out for the time because it’s important. Please, be consistent in washing your hands. This doesn’t only protect you, but it also protects the people you love.

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