Attitude of Gratitude

So Brandi, what do you want to tell us today?

So last week I was able to tag along with my friend that works for Keep Austin Fed, which is this really great local organization that rescues food from all over the place. They have so many places they pick up from and then they redistribute it. She was getting ready for an event they had at the capital last week called Feeding the 5000 where they were spotlighting How Much Food Waste there is and what can be done to help. They’re hungry people in Austin… So they ask the question “what can be done to help redistribute that food” and focus on awareness of how much need there is in the community.

I got to do that and I went down to the Central Texas Food Bank and helped prepare for that event just a little bit. I didn’t have nearly enough time, I wanted to stay all day. But the thing that was so cool about it is it really reminded me about being grateful and it reminded me about how fortunate I am… I’m not in a situation where I’m hungry, but it also gave me Insight into how much giving back in any instance, helps me personally. I feel like it is a big part of healing and mindfulness, and we talk a lot about all the things that we’re doing for our bodies and supplements and all that, but this is also something that we can do for our spirit and our mind just so that we can further that feeling of gratitude. In this time going forward in the fall and into the holidays, there are so many opportunities to give back and so many ways that we can help people here and everywhere.. that can also help us… and so anyway that was a cool experience…

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