Hey hey guys, what’s up? Its Stephen from CORE Therapy & Pilates. Happy Monday. I just wanted to come on and say hi to everybody, check in to see how the tribe is doing… We are really missing everyone around here about this time. It’s pretty crazy. I know everyone is dealing with some craziness in their world right now, whatever that is. Everyone has different degrees of craziness going on right now…

But with that said, I wanted to say thanks to everyone who has been reaching out. I want to say thanks to everyone who has taken our virtual classes. I want to say thanks to everyone who has taken our virtual Pilates sessions. It means so much for the staff, for us to get some work for the staff and them to have ability to make a little money through this crazy time. We really want to say Thank You so much to everyone who has signed up for our virtual classes, who has paid for a pre package or our little gift certificate to get a discount, thank you so much.

I wanted to share the studio with everyone and show you what it looks like. Its pretty quiet and crazy.

I want to show Cheryl’s virtual Pilates studio. Here we go. We got a light, we got a place for her to set up her computer. She will typically set up her space right here and she has a place where she can write some notes of what she wants to teach. That my friends is our virtual setup.

That’s the studio… Its pretty quiet around here. We miss y’all. But again, THANK Y’ALL so much for supporting us with virtual things.

I just wanted to share, I just wrapped one of my virtual sessions with someone, one of my Telehealth calls. And I’ve got a few more minutes before my next one. It was someone that I’ve known for years and she is a an old, old client (not in years but in years with our studio) and she is having shoulder problems. I just want to share a little but about the story because most people don’t really understand what telehealth physical therapy is. She mentioned at the end that “I didn’t really know what I was going to get out of this and I am so excited with how much I am getting out of it, how much its helped.”

So I wanted to explain this a little bit. She is having shoulder pain, she has a tear of the rotator cuff, a tear in her labrum. Her doctor (Ortho) blew her off the other day when it was time to over her MRI reports. We went over the MRI report over the telehealth call. With video I was able to share my screen with her and pull up the anatomy and show her exactly what we were talking about. She was looking at that on her computer at the time. We were able to go over her home program for this injury now that we have the MRI reports. We knew exactly what the problem was. I went over that with her last Tuesday, she did her home program. Today we met again, we reviewed some of the home program. She had a few questions about some things. She needed to do a few things differently. We showed her a few new tips and tricks to help get her out of pain.

She started the day with arm out to about 110 degrees and by the end of the session she was at about 160 degrees, with basically no pain… When she had significant pain at that 110 degrees when we started.

It was a fantastic session. I was able to help her with education, teaching her what to do at home with her home program. I didn’t touch her. It was very valuable for her, she was super grateful and thankful. She was so happy in this time when she can’t see her doctor, she can’t come in to the studio but she is actually getting some treatment with very specific instructions for her problem to help her move forward in this time and its been fun. Im excited about it. I have 10 telehealth sessions on the book this week and I am super pumped about that.

Text 512.902.7894 with any questions. I would love to help you out in ways that you thought were not possible prior to this crazy time we live in now.

See y’all later…