Robin Huneycutt-Ubelhor

Pilates Apprentice
Pre and Postnatal Pilates Specialist
Diastasis Recti Recovery

As a local Austinite, Robin has a common true love of adventurous activities exploring the Greenbelt to catching a sand volleyball game at Zilker to cheering on her Alma Marter, The Texas Longhorns, with friends and family. Coming from a background as a collegiate volleyball player herself, she has found maintaining her stamina and strength at such a high competitive level requires a more holistic approach to physical fitness. Whether coming in for physical therapy or taking a pilates group class, she had always found her way back to Core Therapy and Pilates the past couple of years.

Starting her Pilates career with Lagree Fitness. She has spent the last four years pushing her clients into peak physical fitness through Megaformer training. Realizing the need for a less intense, work smarter not harder mentality when needed, she moved her focus to the classical method. Now learning that true power comes from the deep connection between mind, breath work, correct and intentional movement patterns among many other factors all contribute in maintaining a healthy body.

In hearing that CORE would be leading a training program in the Classical Pilates, Robin thought it was the perfect opportunity to take her current training more seriously. On her way to complete her second certification of five apparatuses, you can find Robin behind the desk greeting Core's clients or teaching reformer classes at the studio.

Your Favorite???

Place: The beach
Restaurant: Peche, El Chile
Food: Vietnamese
City: Koh Phi Phi, Thailand
TV Show: The Real Housewives, Crime Investigation shows, Cooking Shows, sports
Film: Jurassic Park
Singer/Group: Jack Johnson
Celebrity: Olivia Palermo (Style)
Book: Always changing depending on my mood. Currently anything nutrition
Sports: Volleyball
Team: Texas Longhorns, Dallas Cowboys, Astros
Hobbies: Styling people and places all over Austin, Trying new Restaurants, Cooking at home