Linda San Agustin

Office Manager

Linda moved to Austin from Southern California approximately 1 year ago.  She worked for the University of Southern California for over 10 years in the School of Dentistry.  She was born in Japan but grew up in California and took many classes in Japanese Classical Dance and Shamisen (A Japanese 3 string instrument).  

After many years of study taking lessons, she attained the rank of Master in both dance and instrument.  She is also fluent in Japanese and enjoys learning more about her heritage.

She has loads of experience working in both the medical and dental fields, including Ophthalmology and surgery.  She enjoys working with patients and helping them to the best of her abilities.

She moved to Austin with her husband to be closer to her daughter, Together, she would like to explore the beautiful state of Texas.   

Your Favorite???

Place: Home, where the family is.
Currently do not have a favorite. Please help me explore different restaurants in Austin!
Asian, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean
Hawaii and Japan. I would like to visit Taiwan, South Korea, and Guam
Torrance, California, a small city in Los Angeles County
TV Show:
Cooking, Crafts, Anything animals, How to…..
Top Gun **Tom Cruise**
BTS –Also known as the Bangtan boys from South Korea.
Any animal on TV, You Tube, Instagram
Retrain the brain to solve back pain by Stephen and Cheryl Dunn
Trojan Football
USC Trojans “FIGHT ON”
Crafts, YouTube, Animals