Alina Aguilar BSs. MBA

Client Care Specialist @CORE

Alina has a BSc. in Business Administration with a postgraduate degree in Financial Management and an MBA from ITESM. She was born in Managua, Nicaragua and lived her childhood years in L.A. California. Alina has been living with her family in Perú since February 2020. Her work experience is focused on general administration, budget management, protocol coordination and administrative organization for senior executives – with extensive experience working for international groups, diplomats, and diversified teams. She has vast experience working with multicultural agencies, managing strategic portfolios, and ultimately assembling client care services for physical therapy clinics in the US.

Alina considers that the first seed of abundance is the power to be of service to others in their professional and personal growth, so she really enjoys being part of our patients and client’s life here at CORE. She envisions herself sharing her gifts and talents in clinics or organizations that promote positive change, create value to children and people in general, she loves to be part of businesses that vouch for compassion, solidarity, and righteousness. 

¨I consider it is our responsibility to teach and guide the people we meet in believing that there is hope in humanity, and to provide them with the tools to lead a strong, successful, enjoyable, and healthy lifestyle. I am grateful to be a part of CORE because they are an example of this. They are amazing people and leaders in their community, always giving quality services to everyone who decides to be part of our family; the CORE family¨

Your Favorite???

Place: Home with my fam  
¨Las Magnolias¨
Spanish Paella
Anywhere peaceful with a fantastic view of mother nature
Managua, Nicaragua
TV show:
Fuller House
Casting Crowns/Hillsong Worship/Andrea Bocelli
Tom Hanks  
The Bible (the only book that has changed my life in amazing ways!)
Soccer, Baseball, Basketball
Manchester United, Atlanta Braves, L.A. Lakers
Love to read, write and create. Love to exercise (Cross Fit, All Style Dancing, Pilates, Zumba). Love to spend graceful times with my sweet family.