7 Simple Stretches to Release Lower Back and Hip Pain

80% of Americans will suffer from lower back pain at some point in their life. So, as you look around, its not who is going to or have back pain, its who doesn’t have back pain? That is a much smaller number…

Using a Stretching Strap: Click Here to purchase a strap from amazon. Go to a gentle stretch and hold there at the first sign of resistance. Breathe deeply and hold each stretch for 2-3 minutes minimum. Stay relaxed, pulling gently and progressing the stretch as able. Do not push into pain, back off and stop with any back pain or sciatica symptoms.

1: Hamstring: Behind the leg, the posterior thigh.

2: Abductor & ITB: The Outer pelvis, hip and outside of leg.

3: Abductor: The inner thigh.

4: Piriformis with strap: Deep buttocks muscle.

5: Piriformis figure 4: Deep buttocks muscle.

6: Knee to Opposite Shoulder: Deep buttocks muscle.

7: Quadriceps: Anterior thigh, the front of the upper leg.

(Transcribed from video, grammar and punctuation errors are present)

“Hey guys, what’s up? It’s Stephen Dunn here from CORE Therapy and Pilates… I hope you’re having a fantastic Friday, it’s the end of the week, I got one more client and I’m just wanting to do a quick Facebook live to go over some, some simple stretches, now a lot of people ask me “how do I relieve my my low back pain and my hip pain?” and so today I would just want to go over some simple stretches that are really helpful to release that lower back and hip pain, now the reality is that about 80% of Americans at some point in time are going to have low back pain, it’s just a fact that we have come to accept and deal with, so with that said, most people you know are gonna have back pain at some point in life in times, at some point in time in their life, excuse me, so when it does hit it’s always good to know some things to do but also if you do some of these things when you’re not in back pain it can go a long way to prevent it from coming on.

So with that said I’m gonna go over the seven stretches that I’m gonna teach you today with this simple strap, now this is called the ‘stretch out strap’ and it has all these little loops in it, you can use a belt, you can use a towel, you can use whatever. I’m just going to use the strap because it’s pretty ergonomic, so with that said, the the general rules we’re gonna go over, a lot of people talk about stretching for about 30 seconds, I really want to have you hold these stretches for about 2 minutes – 3 minutes gentle stretches, not firm, gentle and you slowly ease into it more and more as you’re allowed.

I’m not going to show you these stretches for 2 or 3 minutes I’m just going to show them to you for a moment of each but the first one’s gonna be the hamstring, so as you lay on your back we’re gonna use the strap around the ball of the foot and we’re gonna lay back pull that leg up into a stretch of the hamstring, now my first sign of resistance is about right here so I would ease into this for several for 30 seconds or a minute go a little further and then go a little further and eventually I would get up into a point where I’m up into this position, now again that’s something I want to ease into, two to three minutes… so that’s the hamstring, okay next we’re going to go into the ABductor or the adductor, I’m sorry, or the IT band so the ABductors is right up here and what you’re going to do is you’re going to let that leg you’re going to take your pinky and point it to the ceiling can’t probably see it there and then you’re gonna let that leg fall out to the side now that actually stretches all the way down the leg to the lower ankle or the outer ankle I should say, so that’s the ABductor or the IT band.

Okay now we’re going to go into the ADductor and the ADductor is the inner thigh, so we’re gonna go into this position right here and relax into this and again two to three minutes on each side easing into that stretch, so we got the hamstrings, we’ve got the ABductor and that ADductor… all right, now we’re going to go into the piriformis, now the piriformis we’re going to shoot and show you two options, with the strap you can pull up like this and then you can push like that, so that’s with the strap. The other option is going to be the figure four stretch where you get into this position here without the strap and you pull just like that, I feel a much better stretch with this one than I do the strap itself, so you’ll play around with those two to see which works best for you.

All right now the next one we don’t need to strap for this one, I’m going to show you with the right leg for this one, it’s gonna be the knee to the opposite shoulder, however on the video it’s gonna look like I’m doing the opposite it’s gonna look like this is my left so as I pull my right knee to my left shoulder which looks like my left knee to my right shoulder on the video, I’m stretching it to the right back here into that glute, piriformis area… alright now we got one more to do and this one I like to do with the strap and it’s for the quad and the quadriceps in front of the leg …alright let me get into this position here, now I can certainly do this without the strap by using my hand, but by using the strap I get to ease into it a little bit better and I get to relax into it a little bit better…

So those are the seven stretches that I want you to go over… hamstring, ABductor, ADductor, piriformis two ways, knee to the opposite chest, which is for the glute and the quadricep… alright guys that’s it for today I hope you have a fantastic week weekend, excuse me, stay cool out there it’s gonna be a hot one and I’ll see y’all next week with some more information… join us Monday for our mindful movement mindful movement Monday class, we’ll be teaching them a ten minute class at 1:50 p.m. Central Time, teach a little training and we’ll have some more tips for you then, so I hope all as well take care and I’ll see you next time… bye”

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